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The Mega-Stop...  In stock, ready to ship!

Our design is a maximized version of any of the other trem-stoppers you will find out there. Milled from solid KGC Brass, more mass for added vibration transfer directly to the body! Also has a nylon screw insert that holds the set screw in place without the need for nuts to lock it in! KILLER

Choose from Black Oxide Steel or Stainless Steel Adjustment Screw


  • Solid-Milled Mega Mass design for added resonance, sustain, tone and stability
  • Allows for exact return to zero every time
  • Mirror-Polished Top Side
  • All necessary hardware included - even the allen wrench for adjustment and a pilot drill bit


Sunday, 08 June 2014

I didn't think this single small piece of hardware would really change things, but I'm happy to report I was dead wrong. I can't believe how much better my guitar sounds with just this stopper in it. This went into a Caparison Dellinger. I had thought that changing the pickups would be the best way to get me the extra power and articulation I was looking for. Happily, I've saved myself quite a bit of cash by installing on of these first. Can't wait to get my hands on a brass block next. Thanks KGC.

Andrew Spargo