Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs (Set of 5)

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Raw Vintage is one of the best guitar component manufacturers out there today.  Here at KGC, we have had a great relationship with the guys over at Raw Vintage.  They have taken a number of vintage components and broken them down and figured out the exact makeup of the materials and dimensions originally used in Vintage Strats.

Most tremolo springs manufactured today are hard with strong tension and are 0.8mm thinner than vintage springs.  This not only affects the tone, but the feel as well.  When using Raw Vintage springs, the change in weight and tension provide superb torque feel and stability creating a fatter tone and thicker reverb. 

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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

These are the best tremolo springs I have ever used! I have them installed on all of my tremolo equipped guitars.

These springs are lower tension, so plan on using 4 or even all 5 in your guitar. I used all 5 to replace the 3 stock springs that came on my floyd equipped guitar. My strat uses a lighter gauge string, and the tremolo is set to float, so I got away with only using 4. Using more of these springs seems to have improved my tremolo return point. I tend to stay in tune better after using the tremolo when I'm using these springs. There is less wiggle room at the return point, it seems.

These springs seem to be made of thicker metal than the stock springs, and they are much easier to stretch. Using all 5 springs, I noticed a slight natural reverb and some thickness / warmth / fattness added to the sound of my guitar, which is great!

The feel of these springs are unlike any stock spring I have used. When strung up, the springs allow for easy fluttering and even a light touch is sufficient for small bends and dives. The harder you push on the trem, the harder the springs pull, giving you greater control and a more solid feeling tremolo, without making bends and dives too difficult. Stock springs seem to have a ton of resistance at the beginning of your bends, but after you start bending, they loosen up. I hate this feeling. To me, it seems way easier to overshoot your target pitch when the springs suddenly break away to your trem use, rather than gradually resisting you as you go.

These springs make your tremolo feel like part of the guitar rather than a clumsy addition to your guitar. I love these springs to death. They go on every guitar I've got, and will go on every future tremolo-equipped guitar that I pick up. They just feel right

Chris Harding