Synchronous Twin Pivot Style Tremolo Block

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Squier Synchronous Twin Pivot Brass Tremolo Block

Specially designed to increase sustain, enhance tone and increase stability. 

  • Built to mount the same as your original block
  • Enhances the original chime and sparkle
  • No modifications necessary
  • Easy install (detailed instructions included)
  • Engraved Serial Number


  • Squier O'larn Signature
  • Squier Deluxe Hot Rails
  • Squier Deluxe Stratocaster
  • OBEY Graphic Series
  • Squier Standard Series
  • Squier Contemporary Stratocaster
  • Squier Standard Deluxe
  • Squier Standard Fat Stratocaster

2 1/16" E to E String Spacing


Fits 2 Post Pivot Synchronous Twin Pivot Bridges


** Uses Vintage Fender Style 10-32 Threaded Arm - available  

STOP THE FLOP! KGC's Proprietary "Flop-Stop" is almost every customer's favorite aspect of their KGC upgrade (besides maybe the tone!). The piece of nylon is specially threaded within the threads of the arm hole - it works like a ny-lock nut would - the further you thread in the arm, the tighter it gets - easily put the arm where you want it - and it stays! Won't strip or wear! We have Flop-Stops that have been in use for over 10 years now - and still going!



Width - 2.95 in (74.9mm)


Height - 1.65 in (42mm)


Thick - 0.50 in (12.7mm)


Weight - 10.4 ounces

This is the #1 upgrade out there right now for any Strat. The KGC brass tremolo block is known the world over for being the highest quality and the best design with every detail considered in machining and design. You can find cheaper brass tremolo blocks out there, yes - but none compare to the quality, craftsmanship and enhancements you will get with the KGC block. So, if you simply want what's best for your guitar's sound and function - this is the block you want!

This is the block being used by some of the world's best players right now! Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Bruno Mars, Steve Stevens, Michael Wilton and more

KGC uses the finest alloy of brass - heavily researched and proven to be the best alloy for use in a guitar bridge and/or tremolo. The material cost alone is a significant part of the cost of this block!

String Holes
- One of our trade secrets that we recently let out of the bag! The string holes in our blocks are drilled at a very precise angle rather than straight through the block like all other makers do. This creates a lesser "break angle" for your strings as they pass over the saddles and into the block - makes a big difference in feel and tension on your strings! Beyond that, it actually creates better contact for more vibration transfer - and a better overall upgrade in tone and sustain!

String Seating
- Another trade secret you will only get at KGC! (the others don't want to bother with this stuff because it takes more time and effort!) The counterbores at the bottom of the block are made to a very specific diameter and shape. This larger diameter and slightly coned shaped counterbore allow for your strings to seat perfectly in the block, but not get hung up! Many players don't realize this, but the string ends getting hung up in the smaller holes of OEM and other company's blocks are the root cause of many tuning issues! Problem = solved!

Mounting Holes
- The mounting holes on KGC blocks are drilled SUPER DEEP! This allows you to use our longer 5/8" Stainless Steel mounting screws (included in the price of the block - others charge up to $16 for these alone) to mount the block to your bridge plate. Significantly more stability and more contact for better transfer of vibration.

Mounting Surface
- The mounting surface of every KGC block is machined and finished to be a perfect, flat and full connection between the tremolo block and your mounting plate. Make sure you get any burrs, etc off your mounting plate before installing the KGC block - this connection makes a BIG difference in your overall setup!

Tremolo Arm Hole
- WARNING!  -- If you buy a brass (or aluminum) block that simply has threads cut into the block - what do you think will happen when you screw a hardened steel arm into the soft brass enough times? You won't be happy when your arm is so loose it just pulls out and strips the threads to nothing! KGC has come up with what Guitar Player Magazine called a "Genius Solution to a longtime problem for many players" - the Flop-Stop! The Flop-Stop is our proprietary design that incorporated a nylon insert and a specially tapped hole to allow you to use any 10-32 Strat whammy bar/trem arm and never worry about stripping threads, floppy arms or broken arms! The arm hole works like a Ny-Lock Nut on the arm - the further you screw it in, the tighter it gets - allowing you to put the arm where you want it and have it stay there - yet be easily nudged wherever you need it to be. The hole has relief at the top (unlike any other) to allow for the arm to seat in before the threads start - when you have a hole that the threads go all the way to the top, as you use the arm, those top threads actually score the arm - eventually causing the steel arm to break off in the hole! It is also drilled at an angle to allow your arm to sit high enough that it will clear the knobs etc - another thing the others never bother with!

- The bottom face of the block is finished to a mirror polish - so you can leave that back cover off and show off your Bling! Every other outer surface is finished with a brushed-random orbit finish. Looks pretty! Every edge is beveled, radiused or edge broken - no sharp edges anywhere. This is one sweet looking piece that you will want to show off!
Oh, and...this is 100% MADE IN THE USA! 

So, as you can see, KGC takes the time to put in the thought and do this thing right! All our components are this way - we don't cut corners! See our other listings or find us on the web at KillerGuitar anytime! We also do custom work, engraving, small and large quantity guitar parts manufacturing, offer dealer pricing on quantities, and much more! We make parts for Strats, Floyd Rose, Telecater. Gibson, Ibanez, PRS, Wilkinson and Gotoh upgrades and more. Check us out!  


  • Machined from a solid billet of KGC's "musical" brass alloy
  • Easy Installation - Instructions included
  • Rich tone improvements with crystal clear highs and big, open lows
  • Mounting holes are tapped extra deep for added stability - extra-long stainless steel screws provided with your block
  • Bottom face polished to a mirror finish - show it off by removing your back plate
  • Direct replacement - no modifications needed
  • KGC's design is maximized for enhanced performance
  • Precision engineered and finished to the highest aesthetic standards

Use the gear true Professionals use - Bruno Mars, The Killers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steve Stevens, Mick Thompson and many, many more!

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