Killer Brass Strap Plate

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Inspired by Mark Knopfler's Strats as well as the location of the strap button on many other guitars out there - this is an easy retro-fit for any Fender 4 blot neck plate that gives you a better location for your strap button but also gives you more mass (=resonance) at the neck joint! 


KGC's 1/8" thick Killer Brass Neck Plate is made to fit any of your Strats, Teles or remakes that have the standard 4-blot setup for the neck.  The plate is machine-screw tapped to attach the strap button - this fine thread gives more threads within a small area for extra stability and security.  It will never strip or tear out! 

Having an attachment for your strap at the neck joint allows for better balance, feel and more working space without the strap getting in the way.  Counterbore recess for slip fit of standard size strap button (included). 


Package Includes:

- Killer Brass Strap Plate

- Standard Fender® Original Strap Button (Nickel Finish)

- Stainless Steel Strap Button Mounting Screw


If you need replacement or upgraded Neck Screws to attach this plate, get them HERE



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