Gotoh® 510 Brass Tremolo Block

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AFTER YEARS OF BEING A SPECIAL ORDER PART, The KGC Brass Block for Gotoh 510 models is now available in stock!

KGC's 510 block uses our proprietary design with deep mounting holes, stainless steel screws, polished bottom face, shallow string recess and more!


10.8mm (54mm E to E) string spacing (2-1/8") fits all Gotoh 510 models except some new models that come as original equipment on Charvels with 2-1/16" string spacing - these

510's are special models made for Charvel and are not the same as every other 510 model ever made - all of which this block will work with. 

This is a GREAT upgrade over the original 510 block - which is made of a cheap cast material in Asia.  Using a solid brass block 100% Made in the USA by KGC takes your tone to

another stratosphere!  Get yours today!


If your Gotoh 510 bridge has 10.8mm string spacing, this block will fit!  All models - 510T(S)- with any suffix

KGC's Gotoh® 510 Brass Tremolo Block

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