Ibanez® EDGE Z Brass Tremolo Block

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Sales price: $79.95
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IN STOCK NOW AS OF July 1st '17


After many requests and much time and research spent to nail down this design - it is FINALLY HERE!  KGC's own design for the newer Ibanez trems with the ZPS System.  This block is engineered to function with the ZPS System and replace the original cheap molded zinc block that comes stock on any EDGE Z type tremolo. Edge Zero, ZR, ZR2, ZPS system

This block will bring out the best in your guitar.  Amazing upgrade in Tone, Sustain, Stability!
This will also fit the 7-string models! 

KGC is the first and only company to attack this tremolo.  We have spent a great deal of time getting this design just right for maximum tone, sustain and function! 

Machined from solid billet brass alloy - not cast like your original.  Make an entirely noticeable difference in sound and feel!  Many of these Ibanez guitars are great but lack sustain and tend to sound too thin.  This block is your remedy! 

Includes (3) stainless steel mounting screws and (2) stainless mounting screws for spring attachment.  Also includes custom made foam pad so the block will not "clunk" against the retainer bar of the ZPS system.


Tuesday, 03 February 2015

I just received mine for my rg2550z it's hard to believe such small price of material work so dang good the guitar sounded ok but it's like the rest of the blocks even with dead strings on it it is still unbelievable a 5 star Rick Mize Steedman, MO

Ricky Mize