KGC Killer Aluminum Neck Plate - Brushed Finish

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As with all our parts - this plate has been designed for maximum sustain tone and function. 

This thing is BEEFY at a FULL 1/8" INCH THICK!  The thickest you will find anywhere!

Includes Vintage spec countersink - no worries about screw depth. 

Beveled corners and edges all around and brushed surface brushed finish


Precision-Machined from solid billet aircraft grade Aluminum

for the best in rigidity as well as light weight design!


Others out there call their plates "Fat" and "Extremely Thick" and they are less than 2/3 of the thickness of this plate!


At .125" (3.2mm) this plate will increase resonance at the neck joint thus adding sustain, stability and improving tone from those cheap molded, cast or stamped steel plates you will find elsewhere.  This is precision machined from solid billet of KGC brass and it is KILLER!

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