Killer Brass Claw

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The Killer Claw now includes a solder-free, heat shrink lug on the claw!  No more need for a soldering gun!  Just put the wire into the connector, crimp and shrink the tubing with a lighter or heat gun.  Easy as can be! 


1 3/8" Mounting Hole Spacing - Fits almost every tremolo with just a few exceptions - Fits all tremolo setups.  Directly replaces any standard aftermarket such as Gotoh®, Wilkinson®, etc


 Includes (2) Brass mounting Screws 1 1/2" long - these may be too short for some players' setup, so we are now including (2) 1 3/4" Stainless Screws as well.  Unfortunately, brass screws are not available in this size. 


Machined by CNC from a solid piece of KGC's musical brass alloy, the Killer Claw is the world's best upgrade for any tremolo.  A mostly universal fit (the exceptions being PRS and G&L) this claw not only looks good but provides an upgrade in stability and vibration transfer at a crucial point that many builders and manufacturers of guitars ignore.  So many customers swore that this part could not possibly make any positive change in their guitar - until they were convinced to try it!  It really does make a difference by itself - one that is noticeable and a definite upgrade in tone and sustain.  The claw makes a great addition to the KGC Tremolo block upgrade.  Add a set of Raw Vintage Springs and you have a complete overhaul of the underside of your Strat, Floyd Rose or other tremolo-based guitar. 



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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Awesome claw! I've got makes installation super easy on any guitar.

Chris Harding