Killer Vintage Brass Hardtail Bridge

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Brass Hardtail Bridge
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Fits any Vintage or Vintage Reissue Hardtail Strat - also great for new builds!

Machined from 100% solid billet KGC musical brass alloy

2-7/32" String Spacing - E to E at the saddles


  • Improve resonance/vibration transfer through the KGC bridge's perfect flat mounting surface and brass mounting screws
  • Reduce string breakage/wear with KGC's proprietary saddle design - offset radiused string passover
  • Increases stability and overall feel by using these solid-machined, not bent, cast, molded parts
  • Provides a sweet, balanced tone with clarity, definition and amazing feel compared to OEM


Package Includes:

  • KGC Solid-Milled Brass Hardtail Bridge Plate - Vintage Model
  • KGC-Solid-Milled Killer Brass Saddle Set - Vintage Model - includes stainless steel intonation screws and springs, stainless steel height screws and hex wrench for adjustment
  • (3) Brass Hardtail Bridge Mounting Screws

Whole Assembly weighs 4.6 oz.

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