Killer Vintage Brass Compensated Tele Bridge

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NEW! Killer Tele Bridge
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KGC announces the debut of the Killer Brass Vintage Telecaster® Bridge!  A direct-fit, solid-milled brass design is the first of its kind on the market - improving intonation, sustain, tone feel and overall playability.

The KGC design incorporates all of the most important features a player or builder could ever want with the combination of the intuitive KGC design, machined musical brass material, New Compensated Saddles, a short-side cutout that allows adequate space for easy muting and picking from any angle and a standard bridge pickup cutout.  This KGC bridge also incorporates many proprietary elements only KGC offers. 

  • BRASS MASS - Machined from solid billet of KGC's musical brass alloy.  Not bent, punched, cast or molded like nearly every other T-style bridge you will find on the market today.  Provides the most mass possible with extra-thick, beautifully contoured perimeter and mirror-polished walls to provide improvements in resonance and vibration transfer that are notable on any guitar.  Entire assembly weighs in at 6.6 ounces.
  • INNOVATIVE NEW SUPER-COMPENSATED SADDLES - new compensation tweaks to our new saddle design allows for the best 3-saddle intonation and setup of any design on the market today.  5/16" diameter saddles come equipped with all stainless steel hardware.  Hex wrench included for adjustment.
  • DIRECT-FIT UPGRADE - No concern with any permanent modification to your guitar - simply unscrew the old bridge and screw down the KGC.  Fits any Vintage or reissue model.
  • ENHANCED SOUND - The combination of the design, material and mass of this bridge allow for increases in vibration transfer, sustain, tuning stability and an overall improvement in playability.  Get that KILLER TONE! 


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