BrassMeister Tremolo for Strat®

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Please take the time to read this listing if you are serious about your guitar and the quality of gear you use....

Used by many of the TRUE Professionals in music today!  There are other companies touting their parts being on lots of 80's hair band players and whatnot - which is fine in some cases, but it's funny that those are their only clients!  Likely because they have connections to them and although the parts are subpar, they use them because they are tossed at them for free.  KGC Professionals come from every genre and truly care about the quality of the instruments that they use.  Those using our gear include some of the biggest names of yesteryear as well as today!  See the bottom of this listing for just a few of the big names using KGC!

The BrassMeister is available in 4 models to fit ANY Strat or similar guitar!

This complete tremolo setup is, by far, the finest machined brass tremolo available anywhere on planet earth!  It is made to exact Fender specs for a perfect, drop-in fit to ANY Stratocaster or similar guitar.  See below for more fits.  Every piece of brass is milled in our small machine shop in Gloucester, MA from the best quality musical brass alloy then each part is finished, by hand, to perfection and tested for fit!  Every screw and other part is sourced in the USA.  If you want to buy American - we are the only company taking the time, spending the money to make sure our parts are 100% Made in the USA.  You will not get this with any other product on the market. 

We guarantee fit, finish and beyond satisfaction 100% - you have never tried an upgrade that has the positive effect on the sound, stability, resonance, function and feel that this tremolo will give.  Any of those big names you've heard - they are ALL mass produced.  Most cast or bent or stamped crap metal!  This is milled from only the best materials - no snake oil here.  You get what you pay for.  We do our best to keep the cost of our products as low as possible, but there is a good reason they are a tad more expensive than other out there - there is a lot more cost in material and a lot more work involved in making them PERFECT!


This bridge includes:
KGC Brass Tremolo Block with "Flop-Stop"
KGC Killer Brass Saddles
KGC Milled (not bent) Brass Bridge Plate
KGC Killer Brass Claw
Stainless Steel saddle springs and height screws
Stainless Steel Block to Bridge Plate Screws (extra-long)
Stainless Steel and Brass Claw Screws
Brass Bridge to Body Screws (for 6 screw pivot Vintage, Convertible or Narrow models)

Vintage 6-Screw
2-7/32" (56mm)  String Spacing
2-7/32" (56mm)  Mounting 6-Screw Spacing
Requires a 10-32 threaded tremolo arm

Narrow 6-Screw
2-1/16" (52.5mm) String Spacing
2-1/16" (52.5mm) Mounting 6-Screw Spacing
Requires a 10-32 threaded tremolo arm

2-Post Pivot 
2-1/16" (52.5mm) String Spacing
2-7/32" (56mm)  Post Spacing
Requires a 10-32 threaded tremolo arm

Convertible 6-Screw
2-1/16" (52.5mm) String Spacing
2-7/32" (56mm) Mounting 6-Screw Spacing
Requires a 10-32 threaded tremolo arm

A Few Killer Professionals using this or very similar tremolo units include:

  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  • Bruno Mars and Phredley Brown of Bruno's Band
  • Andy Grammer and Greg Karas of Andy's Band
  • The Killers' Ted Sablay and Taylor Milne
  • Hank Willimas Jr guitarist Bart Walker
  • Tyrone Vaughan (of THAT Vaughan family)
  • Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook
  • Slipknot's Mick Thompson
  • Cole Swindell's guitarist Clint May
  • Hanson - Isaac Hanson

...and many more

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