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The first ALL KGC made tremolo for your Strat!


- KGC Solid-Milled Brass Bridge Plate - Deep Chrome-Plated - features perfect return underside bevel for perfect return to zero point - the most mass of any bridge plate on the market!

- KGC Killer Brass Saddles - solid-milled top quality KGC brass saddles - sustain, warmth, tone to the max! Bras intonation screws and Stainless Steel Height Screws (includes allen wrench for adjustment)

- KGC Aluminum Tremolo Block - features the KGC "Flop-Stop", Shallow String Recess, Machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum

- KGC Killer Brass Claw - Solid-Milled Brass Tremolo Claw provides stability, resonance and balance improvements

- Custom Stainless Steel Tremolo Arm for maximum in feel and stability

- Chrome-Plated Brass Mounting Screws for added resonance and stability between bridge and body


All this together gives you the most rounded sound you've ever heard from any tremolo upgrade!  The function, feel and sound of this setup is unmatched! 



Vintage 2-7/32" String Spacing, 2-7/32" Mounting

Import/MIM 2-1/16" String Spacing, 2-1/16" Mounting

American Standard - 2-1/16" String Spacing, Standard 2-post Mounting


This whole assembly weighs in at 9 oz!  The block itself is only 3 oz - that means that most of the mass is in direct connection with your strings (= TONE) and the aluminum lightweight block will carry more vibration and give you that nice stratty quack and bite but with a sweet, balanced, musical tone.  The sustain you get from this setup is like you just "Les-Pauled" your Strat!  :-)


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