(3) Super-Compensated Brass Tele® Saddles (Set of 3)

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NEW! Best Tele Saddles on Earth!
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Machined Brass Super-Compensated Telecaster Saddles - Set of 3


Improve intonation, tone, sustain, feel and overall playability!  Innovative design, top quality material and simply KILLER! 


This NEW DESIGN is different than anything you've tried before.  The compensation on these saddles has been expertly researched and tweaked to provide the best intonation and playability of any 3 saddle set ever made! 

Made of 5/16" solid musical brass.  Includes all hardware - even 2 sets of height adjustment set screws 3/8" and 1/2" length.

Once you try these saddles, you will never look back at any other design! 

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