Killer Brass Keyhole Saddles

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KGC's Newest Design!  The Killer Keyhole Saddles! 


Machined from solid billet KGC Musical Brass Alloy for the most in performance and tone. 


Available to fit Vintage Spaced (2-7/32") and Import/MIM Spaced (2-1/16") Tremolo Bridges of all kinds!


This new design not only looks great, but is made specifically to function better than any other saddle set you can find on earth.  The string passover ramp is designed specifically to allow for the most contact for the most possible vibration transfer but also made to reduce string breakage as any and all potential wear areas that could contribute to string breakage have been rounded or radiused for no chance of hangup or string wear.  This design will allow your strings to slide across the surface of the saddle with ease for the best in feel and tuning stability. 


Includes Stainless Steel Hardware - Intonation Screws, Height Adjustment Screws and Springs!  None of these will you get with any other manufacturer! 

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