Killer Brass String Ferrule Block

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Sales price: $49.95
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After spending some time researching and working with Terence Reis of "The Straits" to nail down a perfect design, we are now offering the amazing new KILLER BRASS STRING FERRULE BLOCK!  Although this is a mod that has been around for a while, no other company has done it quite like us!  A full 3/4" depth and 3/4" thick!  Simply have a professional make a small router cut in the backside of your Tele, string it up and hear tones and harmonics you never thought possible! 

Weighs in at 5 ounces!

This block will give your Tele (or similar model) new life!  This Brass monster will add sustain, balance tone and allow your strings to seat closer to the back of the guitar for easy string changing! 

Precision machined, mirror-polished and hand-finished from every angle!  Now you can get that KGC Tone on your Tele! 

ONLY $49.95

KGC Recommends having this part installed by a professional as it requires routing the back of your guitar!

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