KGC custom manufactures bridge plates for Stratocasters®.  Each plate is milled from a solid chunk of brass (not bent) - if you look at the outer edge of the plate it is a 90 degree angle rather than being a rounded bend as you see on all other plates out there.  This allows for better vibration transfer as the there is no \"stretching\" of the particles in the plate due to bending.  Besides that, there is a special bottom-side bevel which allows the bridge to pivot along a single axis rather than sliding along screws (on a 6 screw style) or as the OEM design does.  Thalte chance of the screws binding in the holes is eliminated.  This greatly reduces friction and allows for a consistent return to pitch when using your tremolo.  The 2 post style plates also have a similar bevel that allows for smoother movement and return to pitch.   alt

These plates are either Extra Deep Chromed or Double-thick Gold-plated.  They simply look and sound amazing!  No other company makes any products even comparable to these plates.  Get yours today as there is limited supply of each different style and finish.