Killer Brass Claw - Gold

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Sales price: $84.95
Double-thick gold-plated!
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This claw is BEAUTIFUL!  It is first mirror-polished then it is copper-plated, then double gold-plated to give a deep, beautiful, mirror shine!  WOW!  Nobody else does this!  Only 6 currently available, so get it now!!! 


The Killer Claw now includes a solder-free, heat shrink lug on the claw!  No more need for a soldering gun!  Just put the wire into the connector, crimp and shrink the tubing with a lighter or heat gun.  Easy as can be! 

 1 3/8" Mounting Hole Spacing


 Includes (2) Brass mounting Screws 1 1/2" long - these may be too short for some players' setup, so we are now including (2) 1 3/4" Stainless Screws as well.  Unfortunately, brass screws are not available in this size. 


KGC has finally finished experimenting and designing our much anticipated Killer brass claw!  Our customers have been hounding us to get this done, so here it is.  This claw is milled from a solid piece of brass.  Those other brass claws you will find out there are all bent.  Bending brass (or any metal) reduces its integrity and given how soft of a metal brass is - it will warp or bend from its original shape if there is not enough strength to hold that tension from the springs.  With our new design, there is no worry when it comes to strength and integrity.  On top of being extra thick for ultimate stability, this claw is made from KGC's secret alloy of musical brass, so it will increase sustain and enhance tone more than any other claw available!  Try one today!

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