Killer Compensated Claw

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The Killer Compensated Claw. 

This design is inspired by Carl Verheyen of Supertramp.  After seeing this video and doing some research ourselves, we decided to contact Carl directly and work on a design for a pre-compensated tremolo claw that helps to balance your string and spring tension as Carl describes in the video below. 

- Solid-milled from top quality KGC brass alloy

- 10 degree angled fingers for pre-compensated tension adjustment.  No need to back off claw screws at different lengths and no worry of stripping out the threads from the wood!

- Increases Resonance, Warmth in tone, Sustain

- Greatly Reduces the tuning problems that we have all dealt with on Vintage Strats and like trems for years.  By balancing the springs to the strings, you get equal tension pulling from each side of your bridge when using the whammy bar.

- NOTICEABLE Return to pitch and tuning stability improvements

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(1) Killer Brass Compensated Claw

(2) Brass Claw Mounting Screws 1-1/2" long

(2) Stainless Steel Claw Mounting Screws 1-3/4" long

(1) Heat shrink solder-free lug for easy ground wire attachment

(1) Detailed Step-By-Step Installation Instructions