American PROFESSIONAL Strat® Style Brass Tremolo Block

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Fender® recently released the new American Professional line of Stratocaster - so, naturally, KGC is the first and only company to create a brass upgrade tremolo block for it!  This block is designed to be a direct fit to your Pro series tremolo and requires no modifications to install. 


  • Increase Sustain and Resonance
  • Improve Tone dramatically
  • Use your original Fender® tremolo arm with KGC's custom arm insert with tension adjustment - allen wrench included!
  • Polished bottom side - mirror-finish
  • Shallow string recess for smoother feel and Improved stability
  • Improve tuning stability due to lesser break angle on string holes (nobody else does this!) and increased string hole diameter so your ball end/bullet end won't get hung up and throw you out of tune! 


*Not actual product photo in this listing - we will update to correct pic very soon


**SPECIAL ORDER ITEM!!!!  Lead time for these blocks is 4-8 weeks depending on our workload.  They are made as one off custom parts. 

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