Floyd Rose® Original Brass Tremolo Block

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KGC Floyd Rose/Schaller Brass Trem Block
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Made to be a direct fit to your Floyd Rose® or Schaller® Original or Licensed Tremolo, Floyd Rose® Special & 1000 Series



2" Wide

Available in 2 thicknesses!  1/2"or 5/8""  Which thickness is right for you?

Many custom heights available!   32mm, 34mm, 37mm, 40mm, 42mm Which height is right for you?

1.34" Center to Center between 2 outside mounting holes - .669" Between each mounting hole center to center


Package Includes:

KGC Brass Block for Floyd Rose®

KGC's proprietary Spring Retainer Cover

(3) Stainless Steel Mounting Screws - Extra-Long 5/8" Long

(2) Stainless Steel Cover Mounting Screws

Detailed Installation Instructions




A great upgrade over your original 5/16" thick cheap-o block.  More mass, more stability, more vibration transfer, more SUSTAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNN...



Even More Mass!  Creates incredible sustain, resonance and warmth in tone.  Offset mounting holes allow for maximum range on any standard Floyd Rose cavity route - Our best-seller!


What is the correct height?

 KGC blocks are available in many heights.  Please keep in mind that the height you choose is not the exact total height of the block.  For example, our 32mm block is 33-34mm tall when you include the cover - without the cover on it, the block will be slightly less than 32mm - between 30-31mm.  The same goes for any other size.  please keep this in mind when ordering.  Let us know if you have any other questions.



Why is the KGC Floyd Block Upgrade the absolute best out there?

- The BEST Material - KGC's Brass Alloy is the highest quality money can buy. A solid, billet, grained alloy - not cast or molded like most others out there.

- KGC's Proprietary Spring Retainer Cover - Our own design holds down the springs for max security and stability. Adds more mass for better vibration transfer. It is also mirror polished for a beautiful finished look - you won't want that back cover to ever go back on!

- The BEST Design - The above mentioned spring cover, extra deep mounting holes WITH extra long STAINLESS Steel Screws included! This gives the most security and stability of any block on the market! Every edge is is radius - no sharp edges. The mounting surface is precision machined to be PERFECTLY Flat for the best and most contact with the bridge.

- MASS - You have the choice of KGC's 2 different thickness options. The 1/2" size is what "the other guys" call their "Big Block" - we offer that as well, but we also offer the MEGA MASS 5/8" thickness! The KGC 5/8" block is designed to allow for maximum tremolo range - with our offset mounting holes, all the additional "meat" of the block is on the side where you have all that space. This allows for you to do a full divebomb with no concerns of interference!

- The Aesthetics - this is not just another hacked, cut and drilled block. Each one is beautifully machined and hand-finished in our shop.

- Customization - we offer custom specs to order, custom engraving on your block and whatever you want - we can do it!

- 100% MADE IN THE USA - everything about these blocks is Made in the USA! From our raw materials to our screws, to the actual manufacturing of the blocks in our facility in Gloucester, MA, USA.

The KGC Floyd Block Upgrade is quite simply the best on planet earth! Get one today and you will never look back to those other guys "upgrades"

Tuesday, 06 August 2013

I've got two of these. and gobs of sustain! My AX-40 sustains just as well as any les paul, and it sounds killer to boot! Every floyd-equipped guitar I pick up gets one of these blocks ASAP. Workmanship, fit, and finish are superb. This is by far the biggest tone / feel improvement per dollar spent that money can buy. At nearly every show, I get compliments on my tone. If they ask for details, I make sure to mention all of the KGC products that I'm using. I recommend KGC to all of my friends. I proudly rock their stickers on my rack case and wear their t-shirt around town and to shows. World class quality, great customer service, and they are made in the USA!

Chris Harding