KGC's Wilkinson® Style Blocks are direct replacements for the original block on your guitar.  Replacing your original sintered steel or zinc block will greatly increase resonance and sustain.  You will also notice a much improved pick attack as well as the amazing tone that KGC\'s brass tremolo blocks are famous for.


What makes a KGC block better than the competition?

- Mounting holes are all drilled and tapped MUCH deeper than theirs

- Our blocks include Extra-Long Stainless Steel Mounting Screws!  The other guys charge up to $16 for these!  We include them!

- We use our own apecially selected musical brass alloy for max tone and sustain

- Our blocks are 100% precision-machined one at a time (not mass-produced) for a perfect fit and full contact on the mounting surface

- KGC offers the best design which has been tested and proven to maximize function, performance and sound.  These are not just copies of your original made from a different material like the others.  We have tweaked the design so you get the most from your axe.


We are constantly working on designing superior tremolo blocks for as many bridges as we possibly can.  We currently offer them for most Wilkinson bridges, but we don\'t have them all nailed down quite yet.  If you have a bridge that we don\'t currently offer a block for, please contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you to make one.