There are many models of Fender® Stratocaster®.  Sometimes it can be confusing as to which bridge you have and which parts you need.  Worry no more, KGC has you covered!  See below for info on which parts you need for your guitar!



Why is it important to use parts that are machined from billet rather than cast from molten alloy?

Think of it this way...all metals have a grain, just as a tree or piece of wood does.  Melting a metal down and poring it into a cast ruins all molecular integrity of that material.  It is the equivalent of making sawdust from a tree and molding it into whatever shape you want it to be - like particle board tables, sheds, etc.  So, buying a cast part is lot like buying a particle board body.  Don't you want the body of your guitar to be a solid grain wood?  Isn't that best for tone?  Same goes for the metal parts on your guitar.  When a part is machined from solid billet of brass, aluminum, etc - not only does it keep its original integrity, it also carries out the vibrations better.  You know there are no other additives (they add glue to make particle board, they also use chemical additives to make cast parts!) that will reduce the quality even further. 

Greg Karas:

Greg Karas is an accomplished player for such a young guy.  Greg is not only a great player, but singer as well.  He is currently on tour with singer/songwriter Andy Grammer.  Greg provides lead guitar and backup vocals for Grammer and does a KILLER job at it!  Greg was introduced to us through a mutual friend and he quickly realized that KGC is offering many of the things he has been looking for for some time now.  Karas, being a true gear head himself, appreciates the nuances of KGC's designs and the upgrade in tone the KGC components have provided for him.  Greg is currently sporting a complete KGC Brass tremolo bridge and Killer Brass Claw in his #1 Strat as well as a machined aluminum stop-tail piece on his Les Paul. 

Mick Thomson: 

As the lead guitarist for Metal supergroup "Slipknot", Mick has literally become a guitar God among players and fans alike.  Mick's melodic shredding style is very unique to him and his KGC upgrades have taken it to another level.  We have been working with Mick and his tech, Kevin for some time now - upgrading his signature Ibanez guitars as well as working with him on his new signature Jackson. 

"Rick! I installed the brass block and claw in Mick's main 'A' guitar on the first day of this tour and it has been rock solid. The tone and sustain of the instrument has been noticeable and we are very pleased with the upgrade.  Really enjoy the engraved logo, such a classy touch.  Thank you for reaching out and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Kevin (Mick's Guitar Tech)

Michael Wilton:


Michael "Whip" Wilton is the guitarist and co-founder of Queensryche.  His contributions to rock, metal and guitar playing have been notable for over 30 years.  Michael came to us here at KGC in 2015 wanting a special tremolo bridge made for one of his custom shop ESP models.  He wanted special, we gave it to him!  He loved it so much that he later sent us another of his ESP's for similar treatment.  Michael is still one of the leaders of Queensryche and tours regularly using his ESP models with KGC customized bridges.