Matt Teichmann is an Australian artist and session player. He started playing guitar at the age of twelve and quickly developed a love of blues and rock music. By the age of eighteen Matt was teaching guitar and cutting his teeth playing gigs in and around Brisbane on Australia’s east coast.

          It wasn’t until Matt moved to Eastern Europe that he started to play more professionally. After meeting Gintas Litinskas, bass player and vocalist of famous Lithuanian rock group “Studija” and owner/producer at Studijofonas record label in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Matt was invited to join Gintas and other exceptionally talented musicians in the studio for some session recording.

 In his search for better guitar tone, Matt found and installed KGC products in his favourite and most used Stratocaster. The addition of a KGC brass claw, saddles and tremolo block has raised his strat tone to another level and you’ll rarely see Matt without his KGC enhanced guitar while recording.

 Currently Matt is living in Eastern Europe, expanding his knowledge of music and style through the cultural and musical influences that can be found there whilst continuing with his session playing.